Sarasehan dan Lounching Sekolah Alam di Jatirejo

Camat Kaligesing Hariyono, S.Sos. MM menghadiri acara Sarasehan dan Lounching Sekolah Alam id Desa Jaitrejo Kecamatan Kaligesing.
Sekolah alam yang dilaksanakan adalah sekolah alam dalam Pembuatan Gula Jawa. Sarasehan diikuti pelaku pembuat gula jawa di wilayah Desa Jatirejo dan Mahasiswa UMP dalam acara ini hadir pengurus Koperasi Sri Kandi Kabupaten Purworejo.
Camat Kaligesing menyampaikan apresiasi yang tinggi atas terselenggaranya kegiatan ini, diharapkan kegiatan serupa dapat dicontoh dan dilaksanakan di desa lainnya dengan tema yang berbeda sesuai dengan hasil tani yang ada di desa masing-masing. Semoga kegiatan ini juga dapat membantu pelaku usaha untuk tetap bertahan ditengah-tengah situasi dan kondisi yang masih sulit saat ini.

Apel Pagi Karyawan dan Karyawati Kecamatan Kaligesing

Kegiatan Apel Pagi Seluruh Karyawan, Karyawati Kecamatan Kaligesing serta Dinas Terkait diWilayah Kecamatan Kaligesing yang merupakan kegiatan rutin setiap Hari dan sekaligus menyongsong HUT KORPRI ke 50.
Kegiatan Apel pagi diambil langsung oleh Camat Kaligesing didampingi Sekretaris Kecamatan Kaligesing. Dalam Apel ini juga dilaksanakan penyerahan Piagam Penghargaan Karya Satya Lencana untuk Bapak Pujo, Bapak D. Waluyo dan Ibu Rubiyah, S.IP yang telah mengabdi lebih dari 10 tahun sebagai Aparatur Sipil Negara.
Harapannya Pegawai tetap semangat dan sepenuh hati dalam melayani masyarakat.

Gender Dating Sites – Local Positives Vs Online Pros

Let ring face this: sometimes folks need no-strings-attached sex; and that s why they often sign up for sex online dating sites in search of a more intimate marriage. It nasiums easy to neglect in our dash to meet a new person that the world is included with cheaters, stalkers, and a whole lot worse, perverts. Nevertheless there are still a good amount of people out there just who are genuine and industrious – and if you will be honest and hardworking enough, you can also obtain a second chance with a partner with the opposite sex which will ultimately save your life. That s an established fact that the standard of a person who constitutes a commitment is much more important than the quantity of time they dedicate with another person.

And informal dating sites have been completely bringing true romance together for many years; if you have tried unsuccessfully in past times, now might be a good time to provide them a go. Even though the Internet is known as a fast-paced method filled with get together or flirting games, you will find sites to choose from where you can relate to people without even needing to make any dedication. There are lots of online dating sites which cater to singles depending on preferences like race, faith, national origin, age, and so forth; and even though these types of singles will be single, there are still some fully commited couples among them.

A number of the top online dating sites that you should try include Harrisburg adult friend finder, San Diego hookup, Hand Springs on the net personals, Dallas hookup, and Las Vegas adult friend person. But despite the presence of so many on line options, you shouldn’t forget the local pros. You could try going to the pubs to once went to high school with all your friends as well as some of your mature friends. Doing this, you’ll probably get to know some of them better, and maybe start a little conversation with somebody you found at one particular bars years ago.